Simple Tips for Managing Makeup when Taken Traveling to Not Damage

Vacation is the moment you are waiting for, especially if with family.
But travel can also be stressful, packing things that will be taken for vacation sometimes makes you a hassle.
Especially if you see the fact that many of us travel with products that are easy to spill, and potentially destroy our other items.
And makeup or make-up tools that you must carry, also sometimes confuse packaging so that they are not easily damaged when traveling.
Even when you try to stay neat and efficient when packing hair and makeup products.
You can still end up carrying lots of things that you don’t need.
You usually spend a lot of time cleaning up spills and making sure the clothes are free of products that are spilled during transit, or even just cleaning the inside of the makeup bag because it’s messy.
Well, here are simple tips for arranging the makeup that you will bring when traveling.

1. Use a Good Makeup Bag
Sonia Gil’s Travel vlogger and YouTube emphasize that a good makeup bag is very important for efficient and stress-free makeup packaging.
In the Travel Tips YouTube video: How to pack Your Makeup, she lists the bags as a very helpful tool in a travel bag to help keep your brushes and products in order.
Making makeup items more organized.
He also noted that if you can, look for travel bags with plastic interiors to make them easier to clean if there are spilled products.

2. Create a List
XoVain Senior Alle Connell Editor suggested making a list before you start packing to make sure nothing is forgotten.
Also no items that you don’t need are carried away.
To make a list of beauty products that you need on your trip, take them according to your routine.
Facewash, toiletries, hair care, and make up daily and write down everything you use.
After that, look at the list that you made and prioritize the products that must be brought.
Leave items that can be left behind and you will not feel loss if you do not bring them.

3. Adjust to clothes
Bring makeup that matches the clothes you carry while on vacation.
Try to bring just a few colors of makeup according to the color of your clothes.
This will help minimize your luggage.

4. Use Multi Function Products
Pack as many multipurpose products as possible to expedite the process.
Pale and shiny eyeshadow can work beautifully as a skin coating, cream blush can also function as a lip or eye coloring, and lipstick can be mixed as a blash on cheek blush.
Bring a variety of color lipsticks, because lipstick is very easy to use and can help create many different looks.

5. Bring Wet Wipes to the Face
Facial cleansing tissue is great for removing makeup and dirt.
It also means that you don’t have to travel with a bottle of facial wash that has a large potential to spill.

6. Use a Reuseable Bottle
Connell at XoVain also recommends using bottles that can be reused for your liquid products, such as favorite shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer.
Transfer the contents of your liquid products into small clear plastic bottles to make them more minimalistic when carried on the trip.