Items You Need to Bring When Traveling or Traveling

A fun and memorable vacation is supported by careful preparation, and one of the necessary preparations is a complete and necessary luggage. If there are compulsory items left behind, it could be that your vacation or traveling event becomes chaotic! Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of packing before vacationing.
This time we want to help you by giving tips on the items you need to bring when traveling which is definitely very useful. Let’s see the checklist below:

Important documents

• Passport and Visa (if available and necessary)
• Flight tickets, train tickets, or other transportation tickets.
• Proof of hotel / hotel voucher reservation.
• Wallet with cash and credit card
• Identity card (SIM and KTP)
• Traveling guide book

Tip: The best solution for maintaining the security of these valuable documents is to enter them in the same place. This will make it easier for you to monitor and retrieve one of these valuable items when needed. For that, it’s a good idea to bring a sling bag that can load all of the documents. That way, you can carry the bag anywhere and don’t need to bother. Also make sure the sling bag you are using is strong enough and the design really guarantees your safety.
If you want to be extra safe and careful, you can coat your documents and valuable objects with additional protection such as passport wallets, card wallets, pouches, and so on.

Personal use

• Toiletries or body hygiene tools (soap, shampoo, etc.).
• Cosmetics and other beauty equipment.
• Female products.
• Small face-specific towels.
• Towel.
• Glasses and / or contact lenses (and their cleaners).
Tip: The default items in this category can be broken / broken or open the seal and can stain the entire contents of your suitcase / bag. In order not to be damaged or scattered in the bag due to shocks, keep everything in a pouch or organizer before being put in a bag / suitcase. That way these things can be neater plus easier to take when you need them. Especially for women, provide a separate pouch or organizer for make-up and cosmetics.

Clothing and Accessories

• Casual clothes for everyday, both superiors and subordinates. Generally you need two pairs for one day.
• Nightwear. Generally sleepwear can be used at least twice / night.
• Jackets or sweaters / scarves to anticipate cold weather.
• A pair of shoes and / or sandals that are comfortable to walk.
• Hats and belts.
• Socks.
• Underwear. Tips: Buy clothes in a disposable manner so as not to burden your luggage and avoid excessive laundry.
• Accessories as needed.
• Other clothes according to your needs and the place you are headed for.

Tip: Save the above items according to the category separately in a large enough bag. Want to use a suitcase, backpack, or duffel bag is your own choice. If it is necessary, put certain items in a pouch or other device before putting it in a bag, such as shoes that can contaminate the contents of your bag if it is not wrapped.

This one really depends on the destination, your needs, the obstacles you often face, and other diseases that you really want. But, generally, everyone needs to bring this in case:
• Anti-motion sickness drugs such as wind oil.
• Vitamins and supplements.
• Practical bandages such as handyplast and gauze.

Electronic devices / gadgets

• Camera and equipment (memory card, battery, lens, etc.)
• Mobile and charger (plus Powerbank if necessary and have)
• Laptop / tablet and equipment as needed
• Plug converter, especially if you travel abroad with different plug holes.
Tip: Protect your gadget from splashing water or collision during the trip. To protect it, you can install a smartphone case or laptop cover to make it safer.

Other items

• Small padlock
• Books or magazines
• Neck pillow
• Extra bag / equipment for precaution or if you need to bring certain items.
• Drinking bottles
• Plastic bags for dirty clothes.
• Travel agenda or journal plus stationery to record your exciting experience as a memory.
• Mp3s, toys, or other entertainment items to taste.
Tip: Use a key chain so that your small padlock is not easy to find and is not easily lost. In addition, so that your bag is not mixed with someone else’s bag that happens to be similar, you can pair the bag charm or tag label in your bag.

The main point of packing is to maximize your space while making easy access to pick up items every day. So, make sure you bring items that are complete, but not excessive. Also, make sure you also arrange your items neatly in the bag.